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 About Me

My Hobbies
  I like to sing, dance, write, go for walks, collect things that I find cool and read.
My Favorite Things   Music, friends and family
My Favorite Music I listen to all types of music
My Favorite Author Edgar Allen Poe
My Favorite Film The Raven
My Favorite Actor Ryan Reynolds
My Favorite Actress Meryl Streep
My Favorite TV Show The Flash
My Favorite Sport Football and Martial Arts
My Favorite
Holiday Destination
I would say Richmond, Virginia
My Favorite City Orlando, Florida
My Favorite Country Japan
What is the one thing I want to achieve while at CBL?   Try to broden my horizons and save up for a car.
My Favorite Club Honey Pot
My Favorite Bar Bradleys
My Ideal Guy I want a guy who is kind, sweet, caring. He is smart and funny and knows how to cook. Someone who will take care of me when I am sick or just wants to. I want a guy you would only see in movies.


Date Of Birth 10/13/1993
Occupation I have experience in food service and customer service. I want to do Psychology as well.
Height 5'8
Weight 145
Waist Size 30
Eye Color Green-Blue
Hair Color Red
Shoe size 8.5
Leg length 30
Shirt Size small-medium
Body Hair None
Orientation Gay
Role Verse
Attire casual
B/F status N/A
Last Day at the house ( contract ends) 01/06/2019

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