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DEVON: Being chased by Patrick


 About Me

My Hobbies
  hanging out with friends , and painting
My Favorite Things   cola , dick and eeverything NOT Partrick
My Favorite Music dance music ariana grande,rihanna,kim petras etc
My Favorite Author jk rowling
My Favorite Film this is the end
My Favorite Actor tom holland
My Favorite Actress scarlett johansson
My Favorite TV Show Euphoria
My Favorite Sport soccer
My Favorite
Holiday Destination
a deserted island without patrick
My Favorite City new york
My Favorite Country japan
What is the one thing I want to achieve while at CBL?   getting a car
My Favorite Club honey pot
My Favorite Bar bradleys
My Ideal Guy tall , tan , muscular , dark hair probably sporting a beard and has a bunch of tattoos and definantly has to be able to make me laugh!!!!


Date Of Birth 10/14/1997
Occupation i have no idea
Height 5"10
Weight 135
Waist Size anywhere from 29 to 32
Eye Color blue
Hair Color blonde
Shoe size 11
Leg length 32
Shirt Size medium
Body Hair a tiny bit
Orientation gay
Role versatile
Attire kinda edgy
B/F status single but anyone but patrick
Last Day at the house ( contract ends) Jan 25th 2020

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